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  1. bouncing balls emoji Cutealism Slack Emoji Pack

    A set of Cutealism emoji to use in Slack or other chat apps.

  2. A brain, aka mind.. for mindful. Get it? Mindful Communication In Code Reviews

    A guide to applying mindful communication to reviwing code.

  3. Rebel Steps logo Rebel Steps

    A podcast for anyone who wants to take political action and doesn’t know exactly where to get started.

  4. Two hearts and two roses with moving sparkles on top. Which Bachelor Contestant Are You?

    V silly quiz from contestant bio Q & As (Source)

  5. Two calendar events merged with stripes. Event Merge for Google Calendar™

    Chrome extension that visually merges the same event on multiple calendars. (Source)

  6. Hack the Stacks logo: A book in an HTML tag One Big Search

    Awarded "project most likely to change the way research is done" at AMNH's Hack the Stacks! (Source)

  7. Animated confetti in bright colors. Cutealism

    Like brutalism, but cute af. An ongoing art project to make cute things.

  8. An example merit badge from the guide. So you want to fight the state?

    An interactive guide to protecting your data and accounts online. (Source)

  9. A CT scanned dino skull Scanimals, a CT scan search engine for paleontologist

    Won "Best Tool for Researchers" at the AMNH's Hack the Dinos! (Source)

  10. A sunrise Sunrise, Sunset

    Pulls recent sunrise and sunset images from twitter (Source)

  11. An anthropomorphic door buzzer, pressing its own open button Buzzerbot 9000

    Raspi/twilio/node robot that opens the door to my apartment building.

  12. Teaching Intro CS in Python

    Assignments, slides, and other materials for a computer science class I taught at NYC iSchool.

  13. Right Now at Fluent

    HUD for what talks were happening at Fluent Conf 2014. (Source)

  14. Generalized Automatic Color Selection for Visualization

    Project for CMSC 636, Data Visualization.

  15. Chrome theme for UMBC

    This is a Chrome theme with University of Maryland Baltimore County colors!

  16. Playing to Program

    Computer science teaching reseach with MAPLE Lab at UMBC. (Source)

  17. Photo Booth with Live Slideshow

    Instructable was featured on the home page! Second prize winner of Ultimate Party Challenge!

  18. Final Project for CMSC 491 - iOS Development

    Final Project for CMSC 491 - iOS Development

  19. Project for CMSC 635 - Computer Graphics

    Rendered using Pixie