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for fun

  1. bouncing balls emoji Cutealism Slack Emoji Pack

    A set of Cutealism emoji to use in Slack or other chat apps.

  2. A brain, aka mind.. for mindful. Get it? Mindful Communication In Code Reviews

    A guide to applying mindful communication to reviwing code.

  3. Rebel Steps logo Rebel Steps

    A podcast for anyone who wants to take political action and doesn’t know exactly where to get started.

  4. Two calendar events merged with stripes. Event Merge for Google Calendar™

    Chrome extension that visually merges the same event on multiple calendars. (Source)

  5. Animated confetti in bright colors. Cutealism

    Like brutalism, but cute af. An ongoing art project to make cute things.

  6. An example merit badge from the guide. So you want to fight the state?

    An interactive guide to protecting your data and accounts online. (Source)

Older projects

for money

Etsy (June '20 - ???) Kickstarter (June '17 - May '20) Khan Academy (Oct '16 - May '17) Union Station (Oct '15 - July '16) Etsy (June '12 - Oct '15) UMBC CS Department (Sept '10 - May '12) Google/YouTube (Summer '11) MAPLE Lab at UMBC (Jan '10 - Aug '11)
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Last updated 02 / 2021